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NRS Offers Message Service and Conference Call Services to Help Youth Talk to Parents

How NRS Can Help Youth Can Talk to Parents | National Runaway SafelineOur crisis services center offers several options for communications. Our frontline volunteers are available to listen to your needs, help you create a plan of action and connect you to services in your area. You can send us a crisis email to detail your needs, or use our forum to find specific topics and get connected to us.

However, some youth may be in a situation where they need to let their parents know something or be able to speak to them without fear of judgment or punishment. This may be difficult because the youth may be afraid of expressing themselves to their parents face to face, or the youth is no longer in the house.

Often, youth have serious issues that they are having a hard time dealing with in the home.

There may be:

  • abuse occurring in the home
  • criminal behavior like drug use
  • neglect

The youth may be:

  • suffering from depression
  • self-injuring
  • being bullied
  • experiencing abuse

Here are some of the messages we have received in our bulletin boards:

I’m going to run away. I’m such a mistake. I feel like my parents would be a lot happier if I left anyway.”Alternative Ways that Youth Can Connect with Parents | 1800RUNAWAY

“Today my older brother grabbed me by my neck and left a bruise. My brother and my older sister both told me that they don’t care about me…”

“I don’t know if anyone reads this but I’m going through some difficulty at home. My parents seem to not understand. All I want to do is fit in…”

These are issues that can be difficult for youth to share with others, especially family.

We are able to offer alternative ways to communicate to your parents and make sure that you are heard.

Conference Calls

This is an “old school” way of using the phone to connect, using NRS as an intermediary. NRS will arrange a 3-way conversation between a youth and a parent/guardian and help facilitate the conversation.

We’ll stay on the line and make sure your voice is heard in a calm way. We can help you and your guardian understand each other by guiding the call. This is a way to open lines of communication.

Examples of how our conference calls include:

  • Youth that are staying with a friend, and who want to let their parents know they are okay
  • Youth that have chosen to run away, and are thinking of coming home
  • Parents that want to know that their son or daughter is okay
  • Parents and youth who are in the same house, but are not able to express how they feel face to face, without a mediator

Message Service

This is a service that is used by youth that are no longer in the house, or who have chosen to run away from home. A youth can leave a message with NRS and we will deliver it to their parent(s) or guardian.

However, youth can use still use this service if they are still at home and are dealing with a difficult situation. We can then contact you with a reply from your parent(s) or guardian.

Examples of uses of our message service include:

  • Youth that are away from home and are staying with a relative or friend, and want to check in with their parents
  • Teens that have run away and are now thinking of coming home
  • Youth needing assistance to return home, like a bus ticket through our Home Free program
  • Parents that want their son or daughter to know how they feel about them
  • Youth that are having a difficult time speaking to their parents for fear of punishment

How to Arrange a Conference Call or Message Service

Youth can call us and ask to be set up on a conference call or message service at 1-800-RUNAWAY, or send us a crisis email, adding a message with a request for either option.

Services are available 24 hours a day

We are open every day of the year. Feel free to contact us when you are in need of help. If you are having a difficult time speaking to your parents, we have options that can suit your needs. Our conference call and message services can help you reconnect with your parents, or to help you create a plan that will keep you safe and off the street.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue without changing your settings we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the NRS website.